We would like to introduce us :

Located in the centre of Germany is the home station of MBV. The company was founded in 1992 on the idea of helping pipeline- and cable-constructors.

Our service is to hire out Vermeer trenching machines including

experienced operating personal.

We are able to dig trenches in different widths cheaper and in less time for

all kinds of cables and pipelines.

Our machines are digging in widths between 35 and 107 cm and depths upon 360 cm.

We have developed innovative cable laying systems which can help you

to save money and time by doing all steps in one run.

Our machines have laser technology at their disposal to produce exact gradients necessary e.g. for waste water pipes.

Our offset trenchers allow to shift the boom from one side to the other so that

you can dig the  trench where you need it: up against curbs, roads or

buildings. So you can increase productivity on utility installation

jobs in less time spend dodging traffic or other obstacles.

In addition to our trenching machines you can hire out our caterpillars for preparing or plane the topsoil or to push  the trench closed.

Our innovative padding machine is padding the trenched soil in a way that you can use it for filling it into the dug trench and protecting pipes or cables against damages.

Since 1992  our company  made various experiences in trenching through

difficult hard soils and rocks in nearly all parts of Germany, in

Switzerland, Austria, France and Luxemburg.

Maybe our know how can help increase  your success.

We’re looking forward preparing you an offer matching your special technical needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.