Vermeer T 655

Our "smallest" machine (about 20 tons of weight) stands for exellent results in all kind of normal ground conditions.

With this machine we are able to dig trenches from 35 to 60 cm in width and up to 175 cm in depth.

We have four machines of this type for our customers.



Vermeer T 658

With the possibility to move the boom from one side to the other our offset trencher T658 allows us to dig the trench where you need it. This helps especially in close conditions, eg. against curbs, roads or buildings.

(technical details: about 30 tons of weight, widths between 35 and 55 cm, depth up to 175 cm)



Vermeer T 758

With a bit more power than the "little sister" T658, the T758 is able to dig trenches up to width of 60 cm and depth up to 175 cm. The machine has about 32 tons of weight.




Vermeer T 755

The powerfull engine of this track trencher (weight about 35 tons) allows us to dig in heavy ground conditions (eg. rocks). Trenches of 66 to 91 cm in width an up to 240 cm in depth are possible.


Vermeer T 850

Our "power trencher" (weight about 40 tons) is able to dig trenches from 68 to 107 cm in width an up to 360 cm in depth. This machine is often used to dig trenches for pipelines and canalizations, and can be used in heavy ground conditions.


In addition to our trenching machines you can hire out our caterpillars for preparing or

plane the topsoil or to push  the trench closed.



Our innovative padding machine is padding the trenched soil in a way that you can use it for filling it into the dug trench and protecting pipes or cables against damages.