T 655 digging and combined drawing in of cement

 covered pipeline


T 658 digging with combined truck loading

T 658 with offset boom digging a ditch


T 755 with special multiple cable drawing system, can be used for fibreoptical cables

T 658 drawing multiple fibre optical cables


T 655 digging, combined with cable drawing and sand filling the trench


T 655 working in the town, combined truck loading


T 850 digging in heavy soil

T 850 digging the maximum depth of 360 cm


T 850 digging a trench trough the forest, with a spezial tool for cutting the bank

T 850 digging a trench through a small river near Gera/Germany


The innovative Padder,

 is padding the trenched soil in a way that you can use it for filling it into the trench and protecting pipes or cables against  damages.


In addition to our trenching machines you can hire out our caterpillars for preparing or plane the topsoil or to push  the trench closed.